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Surely you know the news about US oil, which happens once a week. This strategy is very easy and is based on price action, without the use of indicators or special analysis tools. Because the news on US oil is unpredictable, so this is a technique that must be used on the spot.

Before you start, you need to know that this strategy is very profitable, at the same time very risky. So I recommend trying it on your demo account. You can find many brokers on our page.

US Oil News Strategy Requirements

These are the simple requirements to perform this technique:

  • A broker that allows automatic orders
  • A leverage of 1:100 or 1:200 if allowed (European Citizens can use high leverage on IC Markets)


As said, this technique is very simple, even its rules:

  • Set you chart with a timeframe of 15 minutes
  • Wait 3 minutes before the news is released.
  • Place a buy order on the higher of the previous 4 candlesticks
  • Place a sell order on the minimum of the previous 4 candlesticks.
Buy Order placed on the higher point and lower point of previous 4 candles (including the running one)

Well. Once the settings are prepared. You just have to wait for the release of the news, but be careful, you have to close your order as soon as you reach the profit, because the price could suddenly rebound against you. Obviously you have to close the automatic order that has not been triggered. Leave only the active one opened.

As you can see I earned a high profit in a few seconds because the order triggered the Sell order.

The profit above is happened in less than 1 minute once the news was released. I closed it very quickly, because nobody knows what happens during the US Oil News, but sometimes the order goes on, earning a huge profit. Anyway I think that less is better than nothing or than a loss.

You can watch the US Oil tutorial on Educational Trades Channel, that I suggest to subscribe and follow.

This is not an investment advice.

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