Automatic Signals Calculator


All signals are base on a secret formula studied by Educational Trades since 3 years, but there are some warnings that the trader must understand: 

  1. Signals are studied for a leverage between 1:100 and 1:300 (when allowed) Lower or higher leverage could result in a low profit or in a high risk.
  2. Best performances are provided with brokers with a low spread, so we suggest you to check our brokers list and choose an ECN or anyway a low spread. 
  3. All signals are intraday, it means that at the end of every session they are not valid for the next day. Anyway if you have an opened position at the end of a trading day, it is your choice to let it open or close. 
  4. Using this calculator you accept and understand our Terms & Conditions
  5. To activate the calculator you have to insert the Recurring Payment ID and not the Transaction ID. You can find your Recurring Payment ID on your Paypal account or in the email that Paypal sent you after the subscription. 
  6. The system could take up to 12 hours to link your recurring payment ID to the calculator, but usually it takes few minutes. 

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