1-2-3 Trading Strategy

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This method doesn’t require indicators. It works with price action and it is used mostly on Forex, but also on medium term Binary options. The rules are really understandable for beginners and it can be tried on a demo account on every broker, also if I suggest of our recommended brokersYou can use this method during a defined trend, but for example someone uses it also to detect breakout points. 

To use this pattern you need only to detect 3 points on the chart:

Buy Signal

For Buy options you need to find an uptrend and detect the point 1(a Low) the point 2(the next High) and the point 3(the next Higher Low).

Sell Signals

For Sell options you need to fin a downtrend and detect the point 1(A High), the point 2(the next Low) and the point 3(the next Lower High). 

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